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InvertedStone helps you navigate the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence by having the largest collection of AI tools, companies, investors, and other useful resources.

It also has some useful AI scripts to automate your workflow.

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Whether you’re just stepping into the world of AI or a seasoned professional looking to tackle any task, you’re in the right place – we’ve covered all your tool needs.

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Discover a handpicked assortment of the most sought-after tools in our collection, curated just for you.

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Our dedication extends beyond mere suggestions; we leverage our in-depth knowledge and passion for AI to design free, innovative calculators tailored for your needs.

OpenAI GPT Calculator

Quickly estimate how much it will cost to use the OpenAI API for different language models.

Gemini Price Calculator

Calculate the pricing of using the Gemini Pro API for generating a certain number of words.

Claude API Pricing Calc.

Quickly estimate how much it will cost to use the Claude API for different models like Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku.

AI Shop You Can't Resist

Discover an array of unique AI-driven offerings from us — from tailor-made scripts to extensive databases, and beyond. Jump into our AI store for specialized solutions designed to elevate your projects and streamline your workflows.

OpenAI + Google Sheets

Bring the power of OpenAI API to your Google Sheets and generate multi-purpose content in bulk.

Claude + Google Sheets

Easily connect Google’s Gemini Pro API to your Google Sheets document and use it for automated content generation.

Gemini Pro + Google Sheets

Connect Anthropic’s powerful Claude 3 and Claude 2 models and get responses directly inside your Google Sheets.

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