OpenAI Whisper pricing calculator

Calculate how much it will cost to transcribe a certain number of minutes of speech into text and translate many languages of words by using the OpenAI Whisper API.

Estimated price for 10 minutes: $0.0600

How does it work?

This calculator takes the information provided on the official OpenAI website to calculate the estimated price based on the minutes’ length of the audio.

Please note that the minutes are rounded to the nearest second.

📣 This tool is independently developed and not affiliated with, endorsed, or authorized by OpenAI.

TypingMind – A Better ChatGPT

TypingMind is a ChatGPT alternative tool that comes with a better UI, faster response, chat history search, and a prompt library. It doesn’t require logging in, and also doesn’t have a monthly fee.

  • A huge prompt library
  • No repetitive login
  • Faster responses than ChatGPT
  • Better chat organization options
  • Text-to-speech features
  • Supports GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and Claude APIs