3,600+ AI Tools List (with Important Data Points)

A list of more than 3,600 AI tools from multiple different categories, along with their website and other social media URLs.

AI Tools List

What is this AI Tools List?

The list/database contains more than 3,600 tools from several AI categories that you can use for the following use cases:

If you’re wondering, the list is available in different formats like Google Sheets, CSV, Notion database, and JSON.


1. How was the list prepared?

First, we scraped the tools from multiple credible sources and used GPT-4 to generate the description based on what info they have on the website.

2. What are the different formats the list is available in?

The list is available as a shared Google Sheets file, a duplicable Notion database, as well as in CSV, and JSON formats.

3. Can I get a refund after getting it?

No, due to its digital nature, you will not get any refunds after purchasing the product.