Bulk Images Alt Texts in Google Sheets using AI (LLaVA model)

A powerful and flexible script to generate alt text for 100s and even 1000s of images inside Google Sheets by using the LLaVA 13B model.

🎉 costs $12 (one-time)

Generate Alt Text in Google Sheets using LLaVA AI Model

What can I do with the script?

You can feed images as URLs in a column inside the Google Sheets, and the script describes images/photos as per the provided prompt. And the description can then be used as the alt text for the image/photo. The script uses the LLaVA 13B model through fal.ai API for describing the image.

🎉 When you sign up for a fal.ai account, you get $10 in free credits that you can use to generate alt texts for 1000s of images. After that, you will need to pay for the API.


1. Does it handle multiple columns of images, prompts, and outputs?

Yes, the script handles multiple columns of images and prompts and then gets you the output in their respective specified columns.

2. Do I need any subscription for this to work?

No, you don’t need any subscriptions for this. You only need this script (costs one-time) and then the fal.ai API.

3. What are the limitations of the “script”?

The free “gmail.com” accounts get timed out in 6 minutes, and paid Google Workspace accounts get timed out in 30 minutes. But you can set triggers so that the script automatically keeps getting triggered and running in the background.

4. Does the script run in the background?

No, a trigger can be set so that the script continues to run at regular intervals without you having to open the Google Sheets file and click anything. You will learn more about this after buying the script.

5. Can I get a refund after getting it?

No, due to its digital nature, you will not get any refunds after purchasing the product.