Multi-AI Google Sheets Script: OpenAI, Claude, Gemini, Groq

An easier way to connect Google Sheets with the multiple AI engines APIs without third-party tools like Zapier or Make. This “script” allows instant access to text and image outputs from different OpenAI, Claude, Gemini Pro, and GroqCloud models.

🎉 starts from $59 (one-time)

Features of the Script

Explore the amazing features of the powerful script that lets you do multiple tasks without any limitations. You can generate AI content for 100s and even 1000s of rows in your Google Sheets by using whatever AI engine you want to use.

Supports OpenAI

Supports OpenAI text as well as image models like GPT-4, GPT-3.5, DALL-E3 etc. through their API.

Supports Claude

Supports different Anthropic's Claude v2 and Claude v3 models like Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku.

Supports Gemini Pro

Currently, supports Google's Gemini Pro 1.0 model but will be updated to support upcoming models as well.

Supports Groq

Script supports multiple open-source models from GroqCloud such as LLaMA3 8b, LLaMA3 70b, Mixtral, Gemma, etc.

Detailed Documentation

After purchasing, you receive a detailed documentation on how to set everything up and use the script efficiently.

Different Formats

Flexible enough to be used to create descriptions, introductions, personalized emails, and much more.

Requires APIs

You need functioning APIs for to connect different AI engines to your Google Sheets and generate outputs.

Runs in the Background

The script can also run in the background without you need to keep the Google Sheets file open.

Handles 1000s of Rows

Powerful enough to handle 100s and even 1000s of rows of content inside Google Sheets with ease.

One-Time Pricing

Choose the pricing based on whether you want to set up everything by yourself of want us to set up for you.


Generate text content in Google Sheets
$ 59 one-time
  • Get immediate access to the script
  • Options to use OpenAI, Claude, Gemini Pro, or Groq
  • Requires APIs for all AI engines
  • Handles mutiple rows and columns
  • Keeps running in the background

Custom Setup

Personalized setup as per your needs
$ 399 one-time
  • Does everything in the standard plan
  • Requires your APIs
  • 7-day turn-around time


Got some related queries? Here are some frequently asked questions to help.

Yes, the script handles multiple columns of prompts and then gets you the output in their respective specified columns. And all that regardless of what AI engine or model you are using.

No, you don’t need any subscriptions for this as it’s a one-time purchase and doesn’t require any other 3rd party tools. The script works well, even with the free Google account.

The free “” accounts get timed out in 6 minutes, and paid Google Workspace accounts get timed out in 30 minutes. But you can set triggers so that the script automatically keeps getting triggered and running in the background.

Yes, the script works well with the free Google account, but you will get timed out in 6 minutes. And as you upgrade to the paid Workspace account, the same script will keep running for 30 minutes in one go.

No, a trigger can be set so that the script continues to run at regular intervals without you having to open the Google Sheets file and click anything. You will learn more about this after buying the script.

So… you need APIs for whatever model(s) you are going to use. For example, if you’re only going to use OpenAI, then you need OpenAI API only. But if you’re going to use all 4 AI engines, then all 4 APIs would be needed.

No, due to its digital nature, you will not get any refunds after purchasing the product.