Gemini Pro API Pricing Calculator

Calculate how much it will cost to generate a certain number of words by using Google’s Gemini Pro API.

Generating characters using Gemini Pro API costs

About the Gemini Pro price calculator

As the Gemini Pro paid plan bills you based on the number of tokens sent in your prompt plus the number of tokens returned by the API, I have also included the prompt field in the above calculator.

Please note that I have taken the assumption of 1000 characters ~= 200 words for the calculation.

How does this Gemini Pro API price calculator work?

This calculator takes the information provided on the official website to calculate the estimated price based on the number of words.

Gemini Pro API Pricing

If your usage is less than or equal to 60 queries per minute, you can use the API for free; but if more QPM is required, you can go for the paid plan of the API.

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