270+ AI Directories to Submit Your AI-related Products

AI Launch List - 200+ AI tool directories to submit your AI products | Product Hunt

A collection of 270+ handpicked directories to submit your AI-focused products – be it a complete AI SaaS or a simple prompt library.

There are 6 useful data points for each directory, and everything is manually checked and verified to ensure high quality.

🎉 Costs $10 (one time)

Ai Directories

What can I do with the AI Directories list?

If you’re building an AI-related product or service, listing them in several directories helps you expand your reach. And this list contains more than 270 manually curated directory websites where you can list your products/services.

The list is available as a Notion database as well as an Airtable base.

Available data points for each directory in the list:

  • Directory Name: name or website name of the directory
  • Website: website address or URL of the directory
  • Pricing Structure: whether the listings are paid or free
  • Monthly Traffic: how much monthly organic traffic it gets
  • SEMrush Score: authority score from the SEMrush tool
  • Submission Link: direct link to submit your products

In fact, you can see how everything is organized in the screenshot below:

Ai Directories 2


1. In what format is the list available?

The AI Directories list is available as a Notion and Airtable database that you can duplicate to your Notion and/or Airtable accounts respectively after making the purchase.

2. How was the list prepared?

We have spent 50+ hours manually finding all the directories and then collecting meaningful information about each directory website.

3. Can I get a refund for the script?

No, due to its digital nature, you will not get any refunds after purchasing the product.